Our Leadership

Jim Miller

President & CEO

Jim Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TowneBank Mortgage, having been with TowneBank since its merger with Monarch Bank in 2016.

Sheri Husser

Chief Operating Officer

Sheri Husser is the Chief Operating Officer at TowneBank Mortgage. Sheri has been with Towne since 2004 and has over 30 years of experience in the mortgage industry.

Shirley Sasser

Director of National Sales

Shirley Sasser is the Director of National Sales at TowneBank Mortgage. Shirley's dedicated more than 40 years to the mortgage industry with over 20 years at Towne.

Jonathan Motley

Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Motley is the Chief Financial Officer at TowneBank Mortgage.

Dan Fitzgerald

Founder | FitzGerald Financial Group

Dan founded FitzGerald Financial Group, a division of TowneBank Mortgage, in 2004.

Cori Chapp

Director of Business Technology

Cori Chapp is the Director of Business Technology at TowneBank Mortgage. Cori has been with Towne since 2010.

Taylor Malbon

Director of Marketing

Taylor Malbon has been with TowneBank Mortgage since 2019 and leads a skilled team of marketers specializing in targeted, content-driven, digital, web, and social marketing.

Ami White

Director of Mortgage Regulatory Risk Management

Ami White is the Director of Mortgage Regulatory Risk Management at TowneBank Mortgage. Ami has been with Towne since 2017.

Courtney Davis

Human Resources Business Partner

Courtney Davis is the Human Resources Business Partner at TowneBank Mortgage. Courtney has been with Towne since 2019.

John Moquin

Director of Capital Markets

John Moquin is the Director of Capital Markets at TowneBank Mortgage. John joined Towne in 2022.

Your Trusted Local Lender

Inspired by our hometown roots, we're committed to providing our borrowers with a personalized mortgage experience. From pre-qualification to the closing table, our loan officers are dedicated to ensuring that you're comfortable and confident with your financial decision. We offer a wide variety of loan products tailored directly to your needs, with in-house processing and underwriting that allows us to achieve your home goals quickly and hassle-free.