Save Money at Home

You may have noticed that prices are rising across the country, from gas to grocery store produce and even home prices. It can be difficult to escape, but there are simple and fun ways that you can save right in your own home.

Whether you're saving for a future down payment, looking to invest more, or are simply trying to cut costs, here's a list of some creative ways to save money at home:
  • Entertain at home: Going out to eat every weekend can really make a dent in your pocket. Consider inviting friends over for a potluck style gathering. Set a theme and have each person bring an entrĂ©e, side dish or dessert!
  • Be your own barista: We know coffee always tastes better when you buy it - but with the right equipment, you can make delicious coffee in your own kitchen. Like lattes? Consider investing in a milk frother, they're relatively inexpensive and can elevate homemade coffee. If you use a Keurig, you can purchase a reusable K-cup to fill with ground coffee of your choosing. Eliminate waste and repeat purchases.
  • Use rechargeable batteries: Do any of your electronics at home take batteries? Consider switching to rechargeable. 
  • Grow vegetables and herbs: You don't need a green thumb to start your own kitchen garden. Start simple with basil, peppers or tomatoes and work your way up. Choose vegetables or herbs used frequently in recipes to reduce grocery costs.
  • Be thrifty: Before you head to a furniture store for a new end table or couch, be sure to scout out any estate sales happening in your neighborhood. Thrift shops and secondhand markets often have home furnishings, tools and decor at a lower cost. Consider changing the hardware or repainting existing furniture to refresh your home's look and feel before buying new. Simple changes can make a big impact!
  • Reuse: Don't throw away glass jars or containers with lids. You can repurpose these to pack snacks in for lunches, nuts, sauces, leftovers and more! Give them a good cleaning and store them for future use instead of buying Tupperware that's sure to get lost. Leftover grocery bags can become trash can liners for small trash cans used in bathrooms. 
  • Unplug: Do you have a TV in your guest room that stays plugged in? Unplug it! Electronics not used on a daily basis can be unplugged to save energy costs. It can also be cost efficient to use extension cords, especially around TV and computer areas.
  • Get your sweat on: Gyms can be a high monthly expense and some people even pay to not go! Is that you? Invest in some free weights, bikes or a yoga mat and cancel that costly gym membership. Run outside in your neighborhood or at a nearby local park in the mornings or before sunset to avoid the heat. There are many fitness apps, like FitOn, or YouTube videos that don't even requirement equipment to work out and provide you with an instructor.
  • Embrace the arts: Need to fill some bare walls in your home? Get in touch with your artistic side with original artwork - made by you! Look on Pinterest or YouTube for inspiration on abstract canvas paintings, DIY wall decor or how to build shelving with scraps of wood you already have.
  • Shop around: If you need a home repair done, make sure you're shopping around and receiving more than one quote from contractors. Prices can vary across vendors for the same service.
  • Switch to LED: Switching your light bulbs to LED is a simple and easy swap, plus LED lights use up a lot less energy!
  • Cancel unused streaming services: Do you really need Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, Discover+, Disney+ and HBO? Really evaluate what streaming services you're subscribed to and cancel any that aren't being used regularly. Monthly streaming services can really add up!

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